Thursday, March 27, 2008

First, Let's Kill all the Lawyers

Lawrence Lindsey writes in the WSJ about the Michigan/Florida voting fiasco. These are the same idiots who write the laws that get challenged and overturned in court (witness Virginia's Special-Tax-for-Road-Construction this year).
This is the typical liberal story -- create rules to force some sort of arbitrary legal compliance [because "normal rules" really don't specify when you can or can not have a vote], threaten a "nuclear option" [refuse to seat the delegates in any way, shape, or form], then watch as the rule gets ignored. And wait for more lawyers to get involved with claims of "disenfranchisement". So now the rulebreakers don't even have to suffer the consequences -- or if they do, it's because Team Obama worked hard in the background to torpedo any revote. As Homer Simpson would say, I am so smart, I am so smart, S M R T, I mean S M A R T."

So which of the Democratic Presidential candidates this go-round was not a lawyer?

PS -- here's the Washington Post article on the "other half" of Virginia's Road Improvement Money Scam. Wow... just wow.

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