Friday, February 03, 2012

Hopeless and Hapless

Good job on getting some more jobs in there. I suppose you think it's too early to abandon the payroll tax cut.
I'm baffled that the republicans aren't taking credit for this -- all we had to do to keep things from hemorrhaging was to elect republicans in 2010. That was enough to let American's native can-do attitude kick in. Now, give us the presidency and we'll actually run in high gear.
Or, reelect Mr. Obama and you'll get two more years of him whining about .. well, everything... and two final years waiting to see who's next.
We can't wait!

P.S. - I love reading Eugene Robinson. "Obama wants to rearrange our priorities to make the nation more prosperous, competitive and humane." I wonder if he typed that out, or if it's a macro?

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