Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Honestly, you can't make this up

Froma Harrop, in the Providence Journal, wanders around for a few paragraphs trying to make a point that Obamacare is good. It's so good, in fact, it's a gift. To humanity. Signed, the Obamas. Perhaps they got it on Black Friday at Walmart; since people won't die anymore (see below) it sounds like the deal of the century... actually, the deal of all eternity.
Go back to a gift Romney did cite -- coverage on the parents' plan to age 26. Think of the 23-year-old, out of school in a tough job market but with a boatload of computer skills. Energetic and possibly not supporting others, these young Americans are at a perfect age to test an idea in the marketplace. True, they are probably healthy and more willing to skip getting insured, but still.
But still what? But still, my point is valid even though it's "probably" irrelevant?
So here's a government benefit that actually encourages the creation of new entrepreneurs. Guaranteed health coverage is a freedom card for those who want to spread their wings in a business of their own. It's a gift to ourselves.

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