Saturday, January 05, 2013

On to the next Crisis

The best thing that's come from this most recent bit of policymaking buffoonery has been the decision of the punditocracy to start naming their fiscal crises. I presume that their intent is to honor the founder of the 'crisis to crisis' movement, Mr. Obama, by making his entrance the 'alpha' of this process.
This makes the 2011 debt ceiling crisis the 'beta', and I believe at this point we've switched over to person names in order to make them sound friendlier, much like hurricanes. I know I've appreciated the ability to refer to 'the visit from Helen' as if it were an elderly aunt dropping by, rather than a week-long power outage.
So fiscal crisis 'Cliff' murmured across the land, and apparently most of US Americans have survived.
Next up -- fiscal crisis 'Dennis', where the two major parties agree to significant, substantial reductions in federal spending in exchange for an increase in the debt ceiling, only to have it collapse at the last moment when they determine that some of them (D and R alike) could lose their jobs as part of the process.
Looking at the employment statistics for recent law school grads -- and let's face it, a typical politician is by definition the type of lawyer that John Houseman ("you come in with a brain full of mush, and you leave thinking like lawyers") wasn't able to fully fix -- you can see why they're not interested in rejoining the 'normal' economy.

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